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Code Of Conduct

Bow Valley Freestyle Ski Club Code of Conduct
In order to promote an enjoyable environment for all members, the Bow Valley Freestyle Ski Club expects all athletes, coaches and parents to display the following behaviors when representing the club:

  • Respect for Club members, other competitors, officials and volunteers

  • Safety of ourselves and others

  • Integrity and decency 

  • A commitment to the team and its athletes

The following behaviors are not acceptable at any time:

  • Swearing/foul language

  • Harassment of others including those from other sports

  • Bullying of fellow athletes – both verbal and physical

  • Fighting

  • Breaking of ski area / training facility rules – examples include but are not limited to: crashing lift lines, jumping off of lifts, throwing equipment from lifts, skiing out of bounds and disregarding closed notices

  • Interfering and/or disruption of training sessions – examples include but are not limited to: tantrums, leaving the group, not waiting for the group, arguing with coaches, not listening, not participating in training as directed by coaches

Everyone is expected to adhere to these guidelines, however, coaches and parents are expected to lead by example and immediately deal with any minor issues. Any issues which are chronic or serious in nature will be brought to the Board for review.  
In addition, all ATHLETE’s acknowledge that they are responsible for their actions and that the following will not be tolerated: 

  • Use of illegal substances 

  • Underage alcohol/tobacco consumption

  • Improper behavior and willful destruction of property 

  • Anything interfering with the training of others

Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct will result in escalating consequences as follows:

  1. Time Out - The Coach will have the athlete sit out from the remainder of that day’s training session. The Coach/Board will discuss the issue with the athlete and their parents. 

  2. Suspension from Training and/or Competition – In the case of repeat violations or violations of a more serious nature, the athlete will be suspended from Club training and/or competition for a period to be determined by the Board.

  3. Expulsion from the Club – Athletes with chronic or complete disregard for the Code of Conduct will be removed from the Club. 

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